1,000 mass targeted Telegram DMs (Direct Messages)

Laser-target your audience with our filters and start your Telegram mass targeting campaign today!

Start your bulk DMs campaign in 3 easy steps
1️⃣ Provide the message you want to DM users with
2️⃣ Tell us what filters we should apply (See below)
3️⃣ We will do all the heavy scraping for you, bulk send your direct messages within 24 hours and send you a full report afterwards!

✅ Orders are processed within 3-48 hours!
✅ DMs will send a push notification and stay inboxed. Not many can offer this!
✅ We always keep an eye on Telegram’s spam/rate limiting to ensure a high delivery rate!
✅ We won’t DM the same users again if you order multiple times with us! (We can disable this)
✅ We do not require your password/login! We use our accounts.

Available filters
Scrape all members or “recently seen” members of a list of groups (Any timeframe. For example 24 or 48 hours or 1 week).

$200: 1k DMs
$580: 10k DMs
$1,450: 25k DMs
$2,650: 50k DMs
$3,950: 75k DMs
$4,800: 100k DMs
$10,800: 250k DMs
$21,500: 500k DMs
$32,500: 750k DMs
$43,200: 1m DMs
Need a custom amount of DMs? Feel free contact us.


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