CoinMarketCap trending service (Search bar) [Top 1-30] [24 hours]

Promote your token on CoinMarketCap with our CMC search bar trending service. Buy CoinMarketCap search bar trending service for your token and start gaining exposure!

Where is the trending section?
Top 1-3 trending coins are seen on the front page, Top 1-6 inside the search bar and Top 1-30 on the “Trending Cryptocurrencies” page.

Top 11-30: $5,000
Top 7-10: $12,000
Top 4-6: $15,500
Top 2-3: $19,000
Top 1: $32,500

For Top 2-10 we need a $4,000 deposit and for Top 1 a $10,000 deposit to secure a date. The rest is to be paid before we start the trending service.

Top 11-30: No requirements
Top 2-10: $1m volume
Top 1: $2m volume

The above requirements must be met at all times. If you don’t, you will fall a few positions or disappear from the trending list completely. In this case we won’t offer a partial refund!

You will stay for 16-20 hours at the selected spot, then the rest of the time it will bounce up and down the list to look organic.

We also offer trending for multiple days. Contact us to get a nice discount. However, we cannot do the same position more than 1 day at a time. Must be used like so: 4/6 – 2/3 or 7/10 – 4/6 – 2/3.

You cannot disclose to the public that you paid for CoinMarketCap trending service!


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