Crypto billboard at Times Square, NYC (Thomson Reuters) [4 days]

We have access to a digital billboard in New York Times Square for crypto projects, which is located at Thomson Reuters.

The ads run on a rotation basis. Your ad will be placed 4-8 times per hour, each playing for 15 seconds.

For an additional $150, we will go to the location and make photos and videos for you!

Note: Only images are allowed.

:Price on request

How do billboards attract potential customers?

Many boards have messages that give their customers a clear idea of what product is being offered. This is the best way to draw attention to and emphasize the service or product a business has by offering value to the consumer.
If your campaign’s goal is to build brand awareness among a mass market, then digital billboards are your best bet, because these are usually placed on areas around towns and cities that get the highest levels of footfall and so deliver the highest number of impressions.
A study by the U.S. Department of Transportation the Federal Highway Administration found that for a period of time, drivers tend to look at digital boards 63% of the time compared to 37% of standard billboards on city streets.
Evaluating the performance of the board always begins with an examination of the potential for board placement. This is usually done by considering factors such as: The number of people or vehicles that pass the bulletin board per day. The number of people or vehicles that can see your bulletin board per day.
More than 60% of survey participants thought that digital boards were a great way to get information about products and services. Attention – The study also found that 71% of respondents thought that active digital boards attract the attention of viewers more than online advertising.

Large, digital, eye-catching logos, videos and photos with a single central message are the best option – it will probably leave potential customers with a lasting impression in their mind. Digital ads on billboards are free for passers-by – they do not have to buy a newspaper or a movie ticket to consume your message.



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