DexTools trending service (ETH, BSC, POLY, FTM, AVAX) [Top 1-10 or 1-3] [24 hours]

Welcome to our trending service! We support Ethereum (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Polygon (Matic), Fantom and Avalanche tokens.

Where are the trending sections?
The locations for DexTools Trending are:
– DexTools “Hot Pairs” list on the front page
– Scrolling Ribbon Bar at the top on every chart page. Example

🔴 [AVAX] Top 1-10: $6,000
🔴 [AVAX] Top 1-3: $7,200
🔵 [FTM] Top 1-10: $6,000
🔵 [FTM] Top 1-3: $7,200
🟣 [POLY] Top 1-10: $6,000
🟣 [POLY] Top 1-3: $7,200
🟡 [BSC] Top 1-10: $12,000
🟡 [BSC] Top 1-3: $15,600
🔵 [ETH] Top 1-10: $14,400
🔵 [ETH] Top 1-3: $21,600

You will float between the top positions.

For longer campaigns please contact us to get a nice discount!

✅ $150k liquidity + $200k volume (last 24 hours)
✅ No requirements for AVAX, FTM and POLY

The above requirements must be met at all times. If you don’t, you will fall a few positions or disappear from the trending list completely. In this case we won’t offer a partial refund!

Payment is to be made upfront at least 1 day in advance.

You have 12 hours into your trend to buy the next day. If you don’t, the next person behind you gets the slot.

Rollover occurs between 10pm – 12am UTC.

You cannot disclose to the public that you paid for DexTools trending service!


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