Gollums Gems

Gollum’s Gems AMA Package



$7k for a presale project

Timings: 1 PM UTC, 5 PM UTC or 8 PM UTC

$7.5k for a live project

Timings: 1 PM UTC, 5 PM UTC or 8 PM UTC



☆ An hour long AMA on @gollumsgems

☆ An AMA announcement post an hour prior to the AMA on @gollumsgems

☆ A pinned announcement about the AMA on our Twitter


– 1 mill profile views past 28 days (can ask to see analytics)

☆ Launch day reminder post on our Twitter.

– If project is in presale, we will do a free launch day post engagement post on our Twitter (time is at our discretion but will be a few hours before launch. Team MUST remind us if they are wanting this a day before launch or else we wont do it)

☆ Announcement posted in our global channel which gives international exposure

☆ A twitter engagement post after the AMA called an ‘AMA autopsy’ to allow the community to discuss their thoughts on the projet

NOTE: There is a strictly no cancellation or reschedule requests rule within 24 hours of the planned AMA. Any inability to attend by the team is not our fault and therefore the fee will be non refundable.

Also note that any AMA request will be subject to research from the Gollum’s Gems team into the project before agreeing.


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