Travladd crypto promo (Twitter & Telegram)

Want crypto influencer Travladd to post a sponsored shoutout on Telegram or AMA for your crypto project also we can arrange Twitter promo. Contact us today!


Package 1: A pinned review on both telegram channels ( ) and ( ) Price: $6,000 BUSD 


Package 2: AMA on AMA central plus pinned on both telegram channels mentioned on package 1. Price: $7,500 ( include a tweet at $10,000 BUSD. 


Package 3: Package 3 includes AMA on AMA central, pinned on both telegram groups 4 times and 2 tweets. Price: $18,000 BUSD.   


Single twitter post: $3,500 BUSD, pinned for 24hrs: $5,000 BUSD  


Before TravLadd can consider a promotion of any form, we need you to answer the following. 

I) Please send the contract address of the project for us to check for safety / KYC link 

ll) What is the aim and objective of your project, what will you develop. 

lll) Who is your liquidity locked with and how long is it locked for? We do require a 6 Month+ lock.  

IV) We will need your name, email and country, this will not be shared and is confidential. 

Travladd crypto promo

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