Venom Calls

Call Channels for Pin!,

Communities for Pin!,,

Groups for Mute/Pin!,,



Pack 1. Full package (pin/post on the channels above) 14 BNB

Pack 2. VenoMCalls 11 BNB

Pack 3. Everything but VenoMCalls 5 BNB


Additional –

Post on Cryptozin discord (23k members) – 5 BNB

Post on VenoM’s twitter – 4 BNB

Post on @SapphireCalls – 5 BNB

Post on @MidnightCallss – 2 BNB



Rank 1 – 11 BNB

Write up 10-15m before AMA + A post when AMA goes live!

Rank 2 – 14 BNB

More detailed write up 40-60m before AMA + A post when AMA goes live plus poocoin chart in the post!


Both AMAs will also come with a tweet on the AMA twitter page.


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